Blind Date

Marilyn had made more effort with her appearance than usual.  She would never leave the house without her warpaint applied each morning, carefully choosing the right outfit to impress the mothers at the school gate. But tonight, was a special occasion; it called for her blazing red lipstick, extra thick lashes, and stiletto heels.  First to…

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The Genie in the Shell

The children were squabbling before they had even got out of the car… “I’m going to see the sea before you,” boasted Alison as she clambered over her brother. “Yer, well, you’re such a girl, I bet you won’t go in above your knees,’ taunted Edward, trying to block her path. “Sshhhh..”  Their mother Jayne…

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Writing Crossroads

So, I may be a bit late off the starting block with my ‘Writing Journey’ blog since I actually began writing my book back in October before Lockdown 2. However, it also seems an appropriate time since I feel I’m at a crossroads, where I’ve ground to a screeching halt! I’m questioning whether to start…

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