The Genie in the Shell

The children were squabbling before they had even got out of the car… “I’m going to see the sea before you,” boasted Alison as she clambered over her brother. “Yer, well, you’re such a girl, I bet you won’t go in above your knees,’ taunted Edward, trying to block her path. “Sshhhh..”  Their mother Jayne…

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Is Memoir Writing A Form of Therapy?

In my hours of research on ‘how to write a memoir’ last year, I often came across articles criticising memoir writers for using it as a form of therapy. I have pondered over this in recent times, since my memoir did actually end up being very therapeutic, albeit ‘accidentally’.  It showed me how I had…

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A Positive Change in 2020

Write about a positive change you made or a discovery about yourself in 2020 that celebrates the authentic you and tie it into one of the three prizes. I’m a sucker for a bit of competition; probably due to my dad constantly challenging me as a child with endless games of backgammon and table tennis…

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IWSG group

Is Blogging More Than Sharing Stories?

This post was written in response to the Insecure Writer’s Support Group monthly (first Wednesday of every month) blog hop to where writers express thoughts, doubts and concerns about our profession. February’s questions – Blogging is often more than just sharing stories. It’s often the start of special friendships and relationships. Have you made any friends through…

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More Haste, Less Speed

Hey, how are you on this snowy cold morning? Hope you are coping during these strange times and keeping you and your loved ones safe. I’m taking a break from writing my book for a couple of days and thought I would give you a brief update on how it is going. Or rather not…

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Writing Crossroads

So, I may be a bit late off the starting block with my ‘Writing Journey’ blog since I actually began writing my book back in October before Lockdown 2. However, it also seems an appropriate time since I feel I’m at a crossroads, where I’ve ground to a screeching halt! I’m questioning whether to start…

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