Hi, I’m Nikki…

I’m so glad you have found my website and I warmly welcome you to join me on a journey where I hope you will find my words and the message they portray both inspiring and healing.

It is true to say that I have lived an extraordinary life and learnt much from its lessons along the way but never more so than with the trauma that happened to me in the Summer of 2019. To say I am grateful for breaking my back and damaging my spinal cord may sound bizarre, but I would not have been taken on this new path of finding my voice had it not happened. Neither would I have discovered how adversity can be a ‘gift’ in our lives since it has taught me gratitude for so much in my daily life today. It was the catalyst that steered me towards becoming an author with a book which I hope will give strength and courage to others as they go through their own difficulties.

As I wrote my memoir ‘Catch Me if I Fall’, it peeled back the layers of something far bigger than I had ever expected… I slowly found the courage to face my biggest demon and addressed my mental health episodes from the past. Something that had been been hidden due to the stigma that surrounds it. This brought about a new ‘awakening’ of myself which led me to leaving my role as an executive manager with a direct sales business in order to align with a more authentic path.   

My passion is writing and speaking with the intention to give a voice for others who have been silenced by the stigma of mental illness.  To raise awareness of how mental health needs to be treated with the same importance as physical health.

I believe that with courage and the right support, we can all be brave and surpass our own expectations and rise up from wherever we are in life. It takes confidence to be truly authentic and I’m here to help you take those steps on your journey.

I look forward to sharing my story with you and hope it may help you or someone you may know.

Nikki x