A Writer's Life

1st Book... Coming Soon.....

Nikki Rodwell Author

It would seem that most authors have written all their lives. They have explored their ‘creative’ side over the years in various forms of writing either as a hobby or career path before fine-tuning their skills to become accomplished ‘best-selling’ authors.  But me? Oh no, I’m afraid not. Sad to say, I even failed English literature O-Level at school. So, credit where it’s due… I’m brave!

So, what set me on this journey to writing my memoir? Well, it was the kind, and perhaps, over-generous feedback I received from the blog that I wrote last year. The blog I felt compelled to share after the life-changing experience that landed me in hospital with a broken back and a lengthy recuperation. So thank you to everyone who wrote a comment or messaged me their feedback, in particular those of you that said ‘you should write a book.’

Whilst not a ‘published’ author (yet), what I do bring to the table is my honesty and passion in a very important and compelling memoir. My editor tells me that I write with a ‘refreshing honesty and vulnerability’ and for those of you who have followed my recovery blog, you have already had a hint of how raw and formidable my experience was at times. But also inspiring I hope, in a ‘triumph over tragedy’ kind of way.

So, to close with one of my favourite inspirational quotes which is referenced in my book: aim for the moon, if you miss you still land in the stars by Norman Vincent Peale.  I interpret this as aim high or think big, and even if you don’t quite reach your goal you will still achieve great things. That push of reaching for the moon will land you in a wonderful place. So that’s what I’m doing here with my book. I made the decision that I will do it and started to put the ball in motion with an open mind to learn as I go along.  Who says ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?’