Hi, I'm Nikki....

I’m just an ordinary woman who likes to put that little something 'extra' into life.  Going that extra mile or putting in ‘extraordinary’ effort really does enable us to fulfil our true potential or find that ultimate ‘happiness’ that we crave.  I hope to demonstrate this to you with some of the lessons I have learnt from my life experiences, in particular, the spinal cord injury from last year which taught me the importance of gratitude and acceptance and took me on the steepest learning curve of  personal development so far. It led me to start my exciting new journey of writing a book, which I intend to share with you on my path to becoming published.

I believe that miracles are just ‘extra-ordinary’ things, that we can all find and create in our everyday life by stepping outside of our comfort zone. The seemingly impossible can become possible.

Whether you are interested in lifting your mojo a little, or like me, are keen on self development; then please join me on my blogging journey and new venture of getting my book from 'pen to published.'

Also if you struggle with mental health or have experience of a spinal injury or other disability then I hope some of my words may be of comfort to you.

I look forward to chatting with you more,

Nikki x

Nikki Rodwell