Hi, I'm Nikki....

I'm so glad you have found my website and I warmly welcome you to join me on this journey of being brave, courageous and having the confidence to be truly authentic. It is true to say that I have lived an extraordinary life and learnt much from its lessons along the way, and, of course, there have been mistakes... which I believe form the foundations for transformational change.

I recently stepped down from my very successful direct sales business where I had been an Executive Leader for some 5 years. Whilst I loved empowering and motivating the women in my team, I have taken the brave step to align myself with my new passion and purpose which is to empower others through my writing and speaking.

A miracle is 'an unusual or out of the ordinary event.' My miracle happened in 2019 and I am passionate to share what are, without doubt, the biggest lessons I have learnt to date. To say I am grateful for breaking my back and damaging my spinal cord may sound bizarre, but I would not have been taken on this journey of finding my voice had it not happened. Neither would I have discovered how adversity can be a 'gift' in our lives, not just for ourselves but also for others. I hope this will give hope and strength to others as they go through their own difficulties.

My voice began with my early and somewhat tentative blog posts (you can find these under Hospital 2019) cataloguing my accident and recovery, and it really grew from there. I slowly peeled back the layers of something far bigger than I had ever realised was going to happen and my book began to emerge at the same time as a new 'awakening' of myself. I hope that my book 'Catch Me If I fall' and speaking opportunities will give a voice to others who have been silenced with the stigma of mental illness and also hope and courage that we truly can surpass our own expectations and rise up from wherever we are.

So, I come to the table as the most open, honest and authentic version of myself that I have ever been. Now that I have found my ‘North Star’ to guide me, my biggest wish is that my story may help you or someone you may know.

Nikki x