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Author & Speaker

Nikki Rodwell is a multi-genre writer. Her debut memoir ‘Catch Me if I Fall’ won best-seller status with Amazon and led her to become a speaker and advocate for mental health. She now writes fiction in her favourite genre which is psychological and domestic thrillers.

The Hoax - New Release!

A psychological thriller with a difference!  A dark twist on the tale of the boy who cried wolf.

The Hoax

Ronnie loves a practical joke. But one day his pranks will go too far…

Successful, rich, a doting wife, a compliant mistress, a beautiful house, the car of his dreams – Ronnie has it all. His family and friends are used to his practical jokes, have learnt to live with them. Even find them funny. At least, that’s what Ronnie thinks.

James has grown up with those jokes, never knowing when his dad will surprise him, scare him, make him look a fool. But now James is with Rachel, planning his future. He’s ready to move on from the fears that have marred his childhood.

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When Ronnie plans a party for his wife’s birthday, he thinks he’s the one with all the surprises. He couldn’t be more wrong. And when no one knows if the danger they find themselves in is real, or just another hoax, Ronnie realises that it’s no fun at all when the joke’s on you.

Just who will have the last laugh?

Catch Me if I Fall

What happened?’ was the question on friends’ and family’s lips when Nikki Rodwell landed in hospital with a broken back and spinal cord injury during the summer of 2019. But neither she nor her husband could find the words to explain…

Nikki’s previous psychotic episodes had always been safely locked away under the guise of a nervous breakdown. She had lived her life in fear of the judgement of others, that they might think she was crazy. But this time was different. When a psychosis hit her out of the blue at the age of fifty-two, her hand would be forced; she would have to find a way to tell people what led to her tragic accident.

“A masterclass, in positivity through adversity!”

“It's riveting, from start to finish. It's written in such a chatty, engaging way; Nikki definitely has plenty of storytelling talent. I couldn't stop turning those pages.”  Author - Terry Tyler

“Brilliantly written, this book is in a class of its own.”

“The honesty of this book is breathtaking. Nikki doesn’t shy away from any topic no matter how difficult, hard to hear or taboo it may be.”

A Mother's Lament

Making sense of pain is a complex and personal journey. In this collection of poems, Nikki bears her soul and reveals that the deeper the grief, the deeper the love.

Although it’s easy to feel disempowered and lost within pain, she demonstrates how, by stepping into it, we can give ourselves permission to heal.

"I think Nikki has a definite talent for encapsulating a situation and plumbing its joys and depths, in just a few words. It's a fine collection; Nikki Rodwell, you are a poet!"
Terry Tyler – author

"In this book Rodwell bares her soul in her feelings around motherhood and it is clear how much she loves to be a mother but how heart-breaking she finds it too."

Georgia Rose – author

The emotions of the poet in A Mother's Lament are strong and vibrant, a bit like screams of frustration on a page.

An excellent collection of heart breaking and vivid poems. 

Robbie Cheadle – author/poet