Hi, I'm Nikki....

I’m just an ordinary woman… made extraordinary by my experiences in life. A bold statement but one that is true and possibly true for you too. I love stepping up to the next level in as many areas of my life and as often as possible; putting the little extra in that makes all the difference.

I have lived an extraordinary life with many lessons learnt along the way, and, of course, mistakes... which I believe form the foundations for transformational change.

A miracle is 'an unusual or out of the ordinary event.' My miracle happened in 2019 and I am passionate to share what are, without doubt, the biggest lessons I have learnt to date. To say I am grateful for breaking my back and damaging my spinal cord may sound bizarre, but I would not have been taken on this journey of finding my voice had it not happened. Nor would I have decided to write my book, a memoir which will be published in the coming months. Something I hope may give a voice to others or perhaps play a part in breaking down the stigma of mental illness.

So, I come to the table as the most open, honest and authentic version of myself that I have ever been. I am passionate about following my ‘North Star’ now that I have found it, and would love to help you find yours.

I welcome you on this journey with me... one of hope, positivity, and putting the ‘extra’ into life. Turning the ordinary into 'extra-ordinary'

Nikki x