How To Make 2022 Your Best Year!

Many people’s social media posts over the last week, have words to the effect of – ‘goodbye shitty 2021′, or ‘let’s hope 2022 will bring better things!’  You only need to scroll down Facebook to see dozens of these types of posts. But then, if you go back and check the year-end posts of 2020, they say pretty much the same thing! 🤨Interesting.

So, what criteria determines whether it was your best or worst year, have you asked yourself this question?

Take Stock…

Today (3rd January), is another day in this year, of another decade. The timeframe is arbitrary, since we created the concept of time; we created the month of December and the entering of a new numbered year. Every day can be our ‘best’ or ‘worst’ day, depending on how we show up and how we perceive it.

Whether it was your best or worst year, here are some ways that we measure this, for you to think about:

  • Results – do you judge your year by your achievements? Whether you hit targets or reached goals that you had set yourself?
  • Events – do you judge it by what’s happened to you? i.e. I got covid, my health was poor, I lost a loved one, things didn’t go as planned? Or positively – I had a baby, I got married, I won the lottery.
  • How you showed up in the world – do you judge by what kind of a person you were? Ask yourself: was I a victim; angry that things were out of my control? Or did I act with optimism, discipline and love?

Many of you know I’m a big ‘personal growth’ fan, and I truly believe that what should define your year is ‘who you become’. Constantly striving to improve yourself a little benefits you, and the world you live in. Knowing you have aimed to become the best version of yourself during that year, is the most important thing (in my honest opinion) … everything else follows. 


I could write a whole post on goal setting (perhaps I will!) But I’m not talking about your health, money, relationship or business goals today. What are the chances if you set one on the 1st January that you will look back on 1st January next year and say, ‘yep… did that.’ Would it really determine how great the year had been?

It’s not so much the big goal that you set for the year, but rather the daily goal that leads to the bigger one that will make you feel good. If you show up every day, committed to your pursuit in life, whatever the circumstances, you will see huge benefit. I highlighted ‘whatever the circumstances’ for a reason!

Don’t leave it to chance

I read a post earlier today that said: ‘let’s hope 2022 will be kinder to me.’ No, no no! It really doesn’t work like that. You can’t leave it to chance, expecting the world to be kinder – this sets you up for disappointment. It means you are letting the world/outside circumstances affect your wellbeing. Far better that you get off the hamster wheel and you take control, rather than giving it away.

Here’s how…

First, reflect on your 2021, and perhaps look at it with a new perspective. Rather than the gloom of your restrictions with Covid, ill-health, financial worries, relationship issues, or failing to hit a goal,  shift your perspective to some positives. After finding the things you believe were ‘good’ in your year, take a look at the tough things: EVERY difficulty has a lesson to be learnt from it; something that has brought you to being exactly who you need to be today. Isn’t that great? Awareness of this can be a gamechanger.


How different does the picture look when you think that everything, no matter how difficult, has developed some new part of you that helps to serve not only you, but others as well. I learnt this whilst in hospital, laid flat with a broken back and the prospect of never walking again. Adversity told me in that one moment, that there would be great lessons to come out of it, and boy was that the truth! 

Instead of fear and dread of my future, I decided to create a better version; one where I would be the happiest person you ever met in a wheelchair and would thrive on wheelchair sports and learning new things. (Obviously didn’t happen). I decided I would never take my life and comfort of the small things for granted ever again. This mindset took me on a completely new trajectory. 

New Perceptions…

So, after perceiving your 2021 with a little more accuracy, take this new shift of perception into 2022 and you will be a winner all the way! I promise. Be ready for the lessons that you will learn, embrace difficulties, and see them as a good thing to be overcome – the place where you will learn the most. You will slowly notice the difficulties lessen, as if by magic!

Clarity brings power in all areas of life. It comes in waves, not always in those ‘Eureka’ moments, but often in the more subtle moments where we read something of value, or interact with someone we love.

I will leave you with this for now…

If someone told you that ‘how you perceive your 2021 will determine how your 2022 will turn out,’ how would you see it then?’

Wishing you all a peaceful and happy 2022. Xx




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