The Wife’s Shadow – Book Review

Every woman has a secret…

Everyone admires Suzy and her doll’s house life. She has a gorgeous family, a beautiful home and a successful business. But Suzy hasn’t always been in control. In her past lies a shadowy tale of fear and instability – a life that she once ran away from, and has hidden from ever since.

When Suzy starts being followed, she fears that her past may finally be catching up on her. And when she finds herself unable to do what to her is the most important thing – keep her loved ones safe – she has to decide how far she’d be willing to go to win everything back.

Even if it means sacrificing everything she knows and loves…

A Great Page-Turner and Very Well-Written!

This book grabbed me from the beginning, and despite guessing the ending and who the stalker was, it didn’t spoil my enjoyment or intrigue. It is a creepy, psychological thriller which I feel would make a great film!

Cath Weeks is a new author to me, and she does a great job of injecting tension and a sense of dread in her writing. The story is paced well, and I only marked it down one star as it sometimes felt a little cliche.

The plot is good and the characters well explored. I particularly loved how we get inside Suzy’s head as her world falls apart. She questions whether she is being stalked or could be losing her mind,

Suzy’s oh-so-perfect world starts to crumble after the death of her mother. Shadows seem to be following her, and she’s forced to face up to matters from her past. Her husband appears to question her suspicions, and even her children turn against her. I was drawn in, particularly being a mother myself, and found myself rooting for her to resolve the mystery.

A great read which I would recommend to any thriller fans.