All or Nothing!

Nikki Rodwell

So, you know I’m an “all or nothing’ kind of girl right?  Well I would say I am.  I’m all in or I’m just not that interested.  Do a job properly or don’t do it at all I say!  After all, I’d never broken a single bone in my body, then look what I did last year! Spectacularly smashed my T12 vertebrae to smithereens.

Well… I’ve been thinking recently how I should continue with this blog, unsure what to write about since I don’t really want to bore you with intricate details of my recovery when its slowed right down, like it has recently.  But then I feel guilty at my lack of writing, failing to be consistent or finding an ending to give you all, especially as some of you have been incredibly kind in telling me you have loved reading my ramblings.   I just kind of stopped! Well what is that TV programme where they say “I’ve started so I’ll finish?”

Whilst searching for a way to continue I have found something to keep me motivated to ‘write’,  instigated from writing this blog….. can you guess?

Drum Roll…

I’m writing a book!  There I’ve said it.  No going back now!  I’ve announced it in black and white!  I’m writing a flipping book! 

 Now I’ve gone and got you ALL as my accountability partners to see this through.  Well actually, to be honest, parting with a large sum of money has kind of done the accountability bit already.  I’ve signed up to a self-publishing school who help with the writing, publishing and launching of the book.  

They claim to get their students from Pen to Published in as little as 3 months but then they don’t know I have a Tropic business to run and a team of ladies to support!  Plus 2 doggies and a recovery to work at.  So, my goal is set to complete in 10 months to a year from now.

Now you may laugh when I tell you that I got ‘writer’s block’ before I’d even started writing (lol) but I was overwhelmed with training modules, zoom ‘mentor’ calls,  and being brought into the school’s ‘mastermind’ community’ on FB in my first week.  Gosh that’s scary, me part of a mastermind group?  “Nikki Rodwell your specialised subject is?”  ‘How to unsuccessfully train Labradors?  How to spectacularly elongate your recovery to just the right level where you are not expected to get the ironing board out again?’  Oh yes that was it…… Magnus Magnusson – Mastermind!!

So, the ‘writers block’ came in my first week because before you start writing, there’s a definite process of mind mapping, planning and creating your work of art.  There are certain rules to your structure and style and of course it is going to be read by people I have never met who aren’t the least bit interested in me so has to be written in a way to really engage the reader!   Who knew it! 

I literally had to rack my brain to find where to start and where to end, and what the plot was going to be, even though that seemed pretty obvious being it’s my memoir on events of last year!  It turns out I can’t just copy and paste my blog (as if the thought would have crossed my mind!)

Now I did write a book (well I wrote something) about 10 years ago when I first moved to Norfolk.  16 chapters to be precise.  It has obviously been shelved but I initially thought this would be the book to focus on and that now would be a good time to resurrect it.  However,  in my initial call with this publishing school,  my mentor and I reached the conclusion that I should scrap this idea (since it would most definitely NOT have followed any of the rules) and start again!  

Wow he could tell how bad I am at writing without even reading it! He convinced me that if I started again with a fresh story using the process I was about to learn it would set me up for writing more books in the future.  

J K Rowling here we come!! 

So, events of last year is what my memoir is to be based around and maybe if I do still resurrect the other book it can be a ‘prequel’ in my trilogy.  (Whoa … am I getting ahead of myself here?)  

So thank you for reading this, and if you have enjoyed my blog posts and feel you would be interested in my book when it gets here, please bear in mind I will be looking for a ‘launch’ team, a group of people who get the ‘early bird’ copy of my book to help market it for me and leave me honest reviews! 

Wish me luck!

Aim for the moon, if you miss you still get to land in the stars. xx


  1. thewheelchairteen on October 4, 2020 at 12:26 pm

    Good luck with your story! As a disabled teenager, I can’t wait to read more books written by wheelchair-users like you. I’m also in the process of writing my first novel. Good luck and stick to it! I can tell from your hilarious style and interesting writing tone that your going to be a great writer! <3


    • nikkirodwell on October 4, 2020 at 3:24 pm

      Wow that is so kind of you to say! Thank you. I am really lacking in confidence so to hear that has spurred me on. I’m no longer in a wheelchair as I have learnt to walk again, and have been very lucky (plus I’ve worked hard). I count my blessings everyday and did a sponsored walk during lockdown for a friend I met in hospital who is paralysed and in a wheelchair and hasn’t had such a good outcome! We raised £2500 and managed to get him a batec big attachment for his wheelchair which was amazing!! So, I know a little bit about being in a wheelchair and it was one hell of an experience, albeit a short one. I wish you the best of luck, and I’m sure you don’t let people define you by your chair, keep fighting for what you want, and find acceptance, always x I look forward to reading your book too. x x x

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