Change is Good…


Oh gosh I immediately feel like I do when doing a live on FB and think, is anybody watching me or am I talking to myself here?

I am aware that I have failed abysmally on the consistency front with this blog. I have been so taken up with life and writing my book (my new passion) that I have failed to make the time to write or give updates. Ironic when you read my blog post ‘I don’t have enough time’.

So change is coming… and they do say it’s as good as a rest. I am in the process of designing a new website and will transfer my blog across to it hopefully in the next few weeks. Don’t worry…I will give you my forwarding address!

I would love those of you who have followed my blog to stick with me, and I promise to reward your loyalty; with previews and snippets of my upcoming book. You will also be the first to know the title, which I will announce very soon. (I’m 98% sure of the one I currently have in mind).

My new website will have a blog section, especially for you. Some of these blogs will be about my journey to get the book to being published (it’s due with the editor this month.) but also other subject matter, including how life is for me now and sharing positivity and good stuff to keep you feeling uplifted and motivated. (No mention of the dreaded Covid).

I’m hoping with the help of my friend little ‘Su Cubitt’ who designs websites for a living (she may well design my book cover too), that my fancy new website will give a more ‘professional’ platform for my book, and hopefully encourage some new followers and readers of my blogs too.

So keep smiling, stay positive and remember to contact me if you need some ideas for Christmas presents. (Terrible plug I know). But Tropic do have some fab festive ideas this year!

Will be back soon…


  1. Christine Curtis on June 9, 2021 at 3:44 pm

    Hi Nikki it’s Chris, I met you at the woods this morning. Iv looked on Amazon for your book but can’t find it. Where can I buy a copy.
    By the way I got spectacularly lost in the woods, was there for 4 hours!! Ended up at a different carpark. A man offered me a lift to the correct carpark so without any hesitance I clambered into his car with the dogs. Once we took off I said “out of curiosity are you a murderer” thankfully he wasn’t and I managed to find my car.

    • Nikki Rodwell on August 4, 2021 at 11:42 am

      Hi Chris the book is now a available .. there’s a link on the homepage x

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