Book Review

No Monday blog today I’m afraid.  Instead, I thought I would do a couple of book reviews. I’m reading like a crazy person at the moment, since I have a lot to catch up on having never been a big reader before. They say the best authors read a lot, so I’m now cramming in…

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Is Memoir Writing A Form of Therapy?

In my hours of research on ‘how to write a memoir’ last year, I often came across articles criticising memoir writers for using it as a form of therapy. I have pondered over this in recent times, since my memoir did actually end up being very therapeutic, albeit ‘accidentally’.  It showed me how I had…

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Writing Crossroads

So, I may be a bit late off the starting block with my ‘Writing Journey’ blog since I actually began writing my book back in October before Lockdown 2. However, it also seems an appropriate time since I feel I’m at a crossroads, where I’ve ground to a screeching halt! I’m questioning whether to start…

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